New stages for Dreamcast Virtua Fighter 3?

Soon after the release of Virtua Fighter 3 in arcades it was revealed that AM2 did in fact leave certain stagest and other extras out of Virtua Fighter 3 in favour of other, and in their opinion, better designs. Could these make it into the Dreamcast version?

Discription of the possible new stages
  • The first stage is a place somewhere in a big factory
  • The second stage could be a somewhere in China Town
  • The third stage is a place in a little town somewhere in the Desert (this stage looks like Picky's stage in Fighting Vipers)
  • The Fourth stage is a destructed bridge

The Dreamcast version of VF3 may not only have new stages, it may also feature new game modes, clothes, music tracks and more! The Dreamcast version of VF3 will probably also have enhanced graphics running in Dreamcast's standard High-Res mode at 60 frames a second. Dreamcast Virtua Fighter 3 will be one of the first Dreamcast titles.

Check out these screenshots of the possible new stages which may make it into Dreamcast Virtua Fighter 3:

News by: Ryoni Schouten