DC Sales
Here are some Dreamcast sales figures.

  Sega Warns of Loss As Dreamcast Disappoints
Sega warned today of steep losses.


  New VMU Page
A new VMU resource page has open up for business.


  VIP coming to DC
Ubisoft announced today that they will publish VIP for the Dreamcast.


  Sega & Watch
Need movie schedules or information on the latest exhibit at your local museum?


 Wild Metal Review
Here's a product review of Take 2 Interactive's action simulation game 'Wild Metal.

  News Shorts
The following items have been added:
  • Shenmue Delayed?
  Eidos announces Omikron for DC
Here's some info and several high resolution screenshots of Eidos upcoming pc port 'Omikron for the Sega Dreamcast.


 NHL 2K Review
Here's a product review of the first icehockey game for the Dreamcast.

  Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Confirmed
After Crave Entertainment's Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 for Dreamcast, Activision has aquired the rights for the sequel.


  Dreamcast to See Something New from Planetweb?
According to the Planetweb web site, they have something to show off new for the Dreamcast.

  Impression: VMU Animator
The Dreamcast Network has a very special download for you. The VMU animator puts creativity to the test, but only if you own a PC.....

  Sega Swirler's...ready to play?
Here some ready gamers for Sega Swirl.


  $3 Billion Lost To Piracy In 1999
The IDSA has issued a release showing that over $3 Billion was lost to piracy in 1999. This does not include North America!

  U.S Berserk Movie
Here's a movie of the U.S version of Eidos actiong game Berserk.

Mark gives us his thoughts on Sony's uprising in the industry and Sega's maturity throughout the years.


  Digital Cam coming this June
Sega Enterprises Ltd said on Wednesday it will launch a digital video camera in June that can send images and sounds via the Internet, using its Dreamcast home video game console.

 Tee off Golf Review
Here's a product review of Acclaim's first golf game for the Dreamcast.

  Sega Zone Welcomes Our Newest Staff Member
Sega Zone is proud to present the ingenious Mark Sciberras to our staff.


  Sega & KDD
Sega,KDD to offer Net visual communication service.

  UFO Interactive announces new DC Game
UFO Interactive is accepting a mission to publish a new video game for the Sega Dreamcast platform, "Industrial-Spy Operation Espionage," scheduled for release April 2000.


  Half-Life officially Announced
Best-Selling, Critically Acclaimed Action Thriller Heads to Sega's Next Generation Console.

  Sega Swirl Emailer's?
Have Sega Swirl? Want to play others via EMail? We are here to help.


  Sega expects to sell 6 million by March 2001
Sega Enterprises Ltd. expects to sell six million Dreamcast video game consoles in North America by March 2001, as the company prepares for a new generation of video games from Sony Corp.

  Milla Show 2K Info
Here's some information about Sega's present at the upcoming Milla show in France. Including 3 movies of Ecco, MRS and Tombraider IV.


  Biohazard: CV #1 in Japan
Capcom's long awaited survival horror title 'Biohazard: Code Veronica has sold very well in Japan.

  Sega of America Hires Vice Presidents for Support Staff and Promotes Key Executive
Sega of America, Inc. today announced the hiring of Munawwar Ali Daimee as vice president of quality assurance and Steven McIntosh as vice president of information technology.

  Awesome Grandia 2 Movie
Here's an awesome movie of Gamearts first DC RPG 'Grandia 2.

  Debate on Japanese DC Profit?
What is the DC's profit rate in Japan...and does Sega even know?


 NHL2K At The 50th NHL All-Star Game
As part of the 50th NHL All-Star Game in Toronto, NHL Fantasy was a 300,000 square foot interactive hockey playground, which allowed Sega to showcase its upcoming NHL2K for the first time to the public. Sega-Zone was there and was lucky enough to speak with the game's producer Douglas Tronsgard.

  Sega To Release First Online Multiplayer Game for Sega Dreamcast Network Earlier Than Expected
Sega Makes History With First Fully Networked Videogame "Chu Chu Rocket" Shipping In March, Completing Phase Four of Sega's Online Strategy.

  Update on the DOA 2 Situation
We've just received an official word from Tecmo about it.

  Cheong Ming & Sega.com
Cheong Ming, Sega.com in share swap, form alliance


 Sega Zone Forum
Have you seen our new boards yet, including a Virtua Striker 2K message board one with lots of discussing going around about the popular soccer game.

 Berserk Info + Pics
Here are several new screenshots + info of Eidos action game 'Berserk.

  Infogrames Brings Sorcery and Magic to Sega Dreamcast With Silver
Infogrames popular rpg 'Silver is coming to the Dreamcast.


 Tombraider IV / Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse Show
Here is a report on the Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse Show. Included are 2 small screenshots of Tombraider IV: for the Dreamcast.

  Affiliate News: ImportDC
ImportDC has been updated with the following items:
  • More NCS Mod Chip Details
  • Driving Action Genre Gets 2nd Helping
  • Additional Marvel vs Capcom 2 Details
  • New Layout, New Reviews


  Affiliate News: ImportDC
ImportDC has been updated with the following items:
  • Virtua Cop 2 Remake Screens
  • First shots of Sega GT: VMS Game
  • KOF Switches Sides To Full 3D
  • The Next Namco Dreamcast Game?
  • Naomi Board Spawn Readies For Release
  • New Dreamcast RPG Announced

  What has the Dreamcast Got?
Many are wondering, "What has been done on Dreamcast?" Many developers will tell you....not much...yet!


  News Shorts
The following items have been added:
  • Outrun 128? New Planetweb Browser? Sega Swirl....where is this coming from?


  Austin Powers game heading to DC
Take 2 Interactive will release an Austin Power game for the Sega Dreamcast.

  Affiliate News: Dreamcast NL
Since this week, we can proudly announce you our newest Dutch based SZ affiliate Dreamcast NL. The site has been updated with the following items:
  • VS2K.1 Review
  • Sega Swirl Review
  • New Ranking Page
  • And many more news

Affiliate News: Game Station
Game Station has been updated with the following items:
  • Shadowman & Virtua Striker 2 reviews added
  • New Dreamcast modchips
  • Bart Smit also dumps DCs in their shops
  • News shorts added


  Take 2 ships Wild Metal
Take 2 Interactive, Inc shipped today Rockstar Games' action game Wild Metal.


 Crazy Taxi Review
After having played the U.S version of Crazy taxi for over 30 hours , we have fineshed our product review of Sega's awesome racing game Crazy Taxi. The review includes 4 movies.

 Rayman 2
Here are our first impressions + 16 screenshots of the upcoming Dreamcast version of Ubisoft's platform game Rayman 2.

 Vigilante 8: Second Offence
Here's a product review of Activision's second Dreamcast game 'Vigilante 8: Second Offence.

  Lucas Arts becomes Third Party Publisher
Sega Announces LucasArts as New Third Party Publisher for Sega Dreamcast.

  Episode 1 racer Confirmed
Lucas Arts officially announced today that Starwars: Episode 1 Racer will be coming to the Dreamcast.

  Eidos to publish Berserk
Eidos announced today that they acquired the publishing rights for the Japanese title, Berserk.


 Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain Review
After having played Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain for the past few days, we have fineshed our final product review of Eidos best Dreamcast game to date.

  DC for 400 Guilders
Dreamcast dumped by biggest toyshop in the Netherlands?